Preventing and treating visual problems in children in the digital age

The Importance of Vision Care in Children

In today’s increasingly digital world, where electronic devices play an ever more predominant role in the lives of young people, it is crucial to consider the impact this has on children’s eye health. Spending a lot of time in front of bright screens indoors can put growing eyes under significant visual stress, predisposing them to issues such as myopia and strabismus. Therefore, taking care of vision from early childhood becomes essential to prevent and address any visual defects in a personalized manner.

The Importance of Early Eye Check-ups

According to Dr. Marco Mazza, Director of the Complex Pediatric Ophthalmology Department at the Niguarda Metropolitan Hospital in Milan, early diagnosis is crucial for anticipating potential vision problems in children. After an initial assessment at birth and at the age of one, it is advisable to subject children to regular eye check-ups, with particular attention to children with parents who wear glasses. This allows for the timely identification of any issues and prompt intervention.

Factors Influencing Vision Health

In addition to genetic predisposition, prolonged use of digital devices significantly affects children’s vision health. Distance, posture, and duration of exposure are all factors to consider. Many children tend to sit too close to screens and spend too many hours a day in front of them, increasing the risk of visual fatigue. It is important to educate parents and children themselves on correct visual practices to prevent

Personalized Solutions for Children’s Vision

Children’s visual needs are unique and should be treated with a personalized approach. Ophthalmic lenses must fit perfectly to the child’s facial structure in every growth phase, respecting their individual dimensions and characteristics. ZEISS Vision Care offers a range of lenses, such as the SmartLife Young range, specifically designed to meet the visual needs of growing children. Additionally, with the ZEISS for Kids program, families can benefit from favorable conditions for the frequent changes of glasses required during the child’s growth years.


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