REAS 2023, The Benchmark in the Emergency Sector

REAS 2023: an unmissable event for innovation in emergency

Not long to go before the most eagerly awaited event of the year in the Italian emergency sector: the International Emergency Exhibition, better known as REAS. In the 2022 edition, REAS shone for the resonance it had, with 20 conferences, more than 100 speakers, and a public success that exceeded expectations. This year, the fair promises to be even richer in content and opportunities for discussion, with the promise of many new features.

REAS, an unmissable appointment

For operators and companies in the emergency and rescue sector, the exhibition has earned over time the reputation of being a crossroads of national and international experience, as well as an essential reference point for the world of volunteering, which plays a fundamental role in emergency management through associations and voluntary groups.

REAS 2023 will be the ideal opportunity to put oneself to the test in the field, evaluate new solutions, increase one’s technical knowledge, and last but not least, discuss the state of the art and updates in the medical, technological and procedural fields of emergency management protocol.

International Emergency Exhibition, a valuable moment of growth

corso-formazione-emo-ambulanze-formula-guida-sicuraSuch a varied and relevant event offers the perfect opportunity to keep up to date on the latest developments in rescue management, to discuss mutual experiences with colleagues and experts, to test one’s own skills through field trials, to watch, browse, listen, attend drills and tests, exchange and share opinions with other volunteers and rescuers, to present and publicise the activities of one’s own association and team, and to train oneself through the safe driving course on board medical vehicles.

The work of volunteers is essential in the management and prevention of emergencies, as is that of employees, trainers and their chairpersons and managers, coordinated in creating a collaborative mechanism every day, a cohesive team of people ready to take on the difficulties of society.

REAS, the International Emergency Exhibition, will be held on 6, 7 and 8 October 2023 at the Exhibition Centre in Montichiari (BS).

New area, Safety at Work

istruttore-guida-sicura-formula-guida-sicuraFor this year’s edition, the twenty-second, the entire exhibition centre will be occupied by eight exhibition halls each dedicated to a specific sector. In addition to the three areas that have always been the strength of this fundamental trade fair event, namely Fire Fighting, Civil Protection and First AidAids for the Disabled, a fourth macro area will be added, that of Safety at Work. A new exhibition sector aimed at further expanding the audience by also opening up to what is not strictly rescue but closely concerns all of us: professionals, workers, operators involved in national economic and productive progress.

Every phase of emergency management requires specific preparation and constant updating, which is why REAS represents a moment of technical comparison and growth for the entire Italian emergency management system. And if you think that this year there will be even more surprises, then there is nothing left to do but look forward to the 2023 edition of REAS, the place where innovation in emergency is at hand.


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