Rosenbauer: HEROS-titan on course for success

With the HEROS-titan, Rosenbauer has set a new benchmark with regard to personal safety equipment for the emergency services. The premium product in the HEROS helmet range meets the most stringent international standards and certification requirements, and offers wearers reliable protection even under the toughest operational conditions. Among other features, during full flaming the HEROS-titan can resist over 1,000°C and is tested for shock absorption at temperatures as low as minus 40°C. It can also withstand massive mechanical loads and is nevertheless lighter than any other full-shell helmet in the same safety category. In fact, the helmet weighs in at a mere 1,300 g, which particularly during prolonged operations results in a tangible reduction in wearer fatigue.

This sensational weight is achieved by means of the bionic, structural optimization of the newly developed helmet shell, which is made of high-performance polyamide. The bionic design not only furnishes the HEROS-titan with previously unattained rigidity and durability, but also a modern and dynamic appearance for which Rosenbauer’s no.1 helmet has received a number of accolades including the Focus Open Gold 2016, the German Design Award 2017 and the iF Design Award 2017.

Tailor-made protection

Every HEROS-titan can be equipped with tailor-made and tested accessories and purchasers can create their own helmet systems via a configurator on the Rosenbauer website. A choice of ten paint colors is on offer and for the first time this now includes fluorescent, day-glow yellow. Two differing types of visor are also available consisting of a large-area, facial protection version and a separate, swiveling, eye protection variation. Both visors possess top Class 1 optical certification, as well as an adapter for every standard breathing apparatus mask. In addition, a selection of radio systems can be integrated into the helmet along with add-ons such as a Holland cloth (all-round neck protection), or a universal adapter.

The HEROS-titan is also fitted with an intelligent lamp fixture, which allows the insertion of both the Rosenbauer helmet lamp and the new C1 helmet heat imaging camera with integrated lamp.

Optimum wearer comfort

Rosenbauer’s premium class helmet provides bespoke wearer comfort, as an ideal setting exists for every shape of head and both the sit and tightness can be altered at any time to match the operational situation. Even the balance of the HEROS-titan can be modified and owing to the ergonomic orientation of the weight of the helmet to the axis of the body’s center of gravity, and the shifting of the helmet shell in relation to the interior fittings, the head constantly remains in equilibrium irrespective of the wearer’s movements. Moreover, the rotary dial on the back of the helmet allows readjustment during operations and while wearing fire service gloves. Last, but not least, the soft cushioning on the inner fittings, consisting of a very supple, flame- and heat-resistant fabric, serves to provide wearer comfort over extended periods, and upon request the HEROS-titan can be supplied in a leather version.

In global operation

Apart from the HEROS-titan, the Rosenbauer helmet family consists of the HEROS-smart and the HEROS-matrix. The HEROS-smart meets the same protection class requirements as the HEROS-titan and both helmets possess authorization for every type of fire service operation, from indoor attacks to technical responses. The HEROS-matrix is also used for technical rescues and has been certificated for employment in forest and wildland fires. In addition, with the HEROS-titan Pro, Rosenbauer has a model with NFPA certification that is the only European fire service helmet to be approved for sale in the USA and Canada.

All in all, some 700,000 HEROS fire service helmets are in operational use in over 60 countries. In the past year alone, production was virtually doubled owing to strong demand from Europe, Asia, North and South America.


– For the toughest assignments in daily fire service operations
– Fulfills the world’s strictest standards and certification requirements
– A full-shell helmet with a weight of approx. 1.3 kg
– Allows individual equipping
– Individually adjustable
– Integrated helmet lamp and heat imaging camera
– Maximum wearer comfort

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