The cover that transforms tablet and laptop in defibrillators!

CompToLife adapts common tablet and laptop as defibrillators for treating victims of sudden cardiac arrest


COMPTOLIFE™, a startup medical device Company, based in Boca Raton, FL, is focused on developing its advanced technologies for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). CompToLife’s primary goal is universal defibrillator access. The company is working on developing its advanced defibrillator technologies and kits that will adapt common tablet and laptop computers enabling each, along with the computer’s usual functions and capabilities, to be used as an automated external defibrillator (AED) and/or a manual defibrillator for treating victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

With respect to out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest, CompToLife’s technologies and devices are seen as fulfilling an urgent unmet need as an addition and complement to, not as a replacement of, the current state of the art in Public Access Defibrillation.

CompToLife’s extensive pipeline covers technologies that detail the direct embedding of AED and manual defibrillator capabilities into tablet and laptop computers at the time of manufacture; thus, resulting in free-standing tablet and laptop computers with their usual computer functions plus integrated AED and manual defibrillator capabilities. Also covered, kits and methods for retrofitting and adapting aftermarket tablet and laptop computers, to enable each to be used as an AED or as a manual defibrillator in addition to their usual computer functions.

One of several kits in development for the post-market retrofitting and adaptation of currently existing common tablets and laptop computers; the CompToLife Kit I (above) is designed as a device with AED elements and power source contained in an adjustable universal frame for encompassing and holding a tablet or laptop computer. The elements are connected to and controlled by the joined computer, thus enabling the tablet or laptop to be used as an AED and/or a manual defibrillator.

CompToLife is currently working towards applying its technologies with two versions of the CompToLife Kit I:

  • the CompToLife Kit I-A, a rugged version, for rugged tablets and laptops, such as those used in the field by first responders, the military, and in government, schools, sports, and industry
  • the CompToLife Kit I-B (above), for consumer-grade tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro and similar devices.

One example of the potential use of the CompToLife Kit I

The current trend of placing AEDs in police vehicles throughout the U.S. and abroad. As the vehicles are commonly equipped with rugged tablets or laptops, such as the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 or similar computers, the CompToLife Kit I-A will eventually retrofit and adapt these law enforcement computers, enabling each to be used as an AED or as a manual defibrillator.

With the manual defibrillator option, the Company is also moving towards applying these technologies to medical tablets and mobile clinical assistants (MCAs); rapidly increasing in use by physicians, nurses and other medical support staff given the current trend toward electronic health records (EHRs).

Just one of the many advantages of these CompToLife technologies and devices

The simultaneous charging of the tablet or laptop battery and the CompToLife device power source will insure the constant readiness and immediate availability of the device for any emergency requiring an AED or manual defibrillator.