Volker Hartwein, FREQUENTIS Deutschland, elected as new Executive Board member for German Federal Professional Mobile Radio Association (PMeV)

In March, the German Federal Association of Professional Mobile Radio, the PMeV, elected a new executive board, with Volker Hartwein of Frequentis Germany now one of its members

His appointment is a great recognition of Mr. Hartwein’s work, previously holding responsibility for the field of control centres within the PMeV.

PMeV is an association of leading suppliers and users of mobile communications systems for professional use in Germany. Its members include many renowned institutions and companies who create professional control centre solutions for authorities and organisations with security tasks. By electing Mr. Hartwein to its Executive Board, the PMeV gains a representative of a company which is a manufacturer and global provider of professional control centre solutions.
Volker Hartwein, Director of Business Development at Frequentis Germany, can already look back on a long career in the field of control centres. Previously at EADS Telecom and now at Frequentis, Mr. Hartwein has extensive experience and a high level of technical expertise in the field of public safety control centres. Since 2014, he has also headed the field of control centres within the PMeV and has been a member of the PMRExpo Advisory Board.
In his Board activity, Volker Hartwein would like to place a special focus on the professional use of new technologies: “The availability of new technologies such as LTE, apps or smart devices will, in the next few years, increase the need for innovative, high-performance solutions for mission-critical applications. These will have an enormous influence on future technical requirements for professional control centre solutions.”
Even today, this trend is clear: It is essential for both manufacturers and planners of professional control solutions to adapt to these market changes and conceive intelligent solutions for users.
The member companies of the PMeV are addressing these changes through active participation in working groups (WG Technology, WG Operations, expert groups for digital radio connectors and universal control interfaces) with the participation of control stations and users. As a forum for a neutral, manufacturer-independent and partnership-based dialog between producers, politicians, official bodies and institutions, the PMeV engages in the evaluation of technologies as well as the discussion of technical solutions and concepts. The promotion of open standards and their further developments are also a central issue.
Mr. Hartwein and the management of Frequentis Germany share the same primary concerns, wanting to actively add to the success of the current change process in authorities and organisations with security tasks. The involvement of Mr. Hartwein in the PMeV further underlines this intention.

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