YOKOI Pat Jack, the light and portable lifting bag for rescuers

Yokoi is a professional company in the fire extinguishing industry and can provide total coordination of products sales and support

Yokoi continue to make new products in order to improve safety and comfort in daily life and to adapt to the environment of disaster prevention, which is constantly changing. The new product presented at INTERSCHUTZ2015 is the innovative Pat Jack, a simple rescue device for emergency situations. It’s really useful for remote places where rescuers could have many difficulties and not all the equipment that specialized professionals could have in a big city. Inflatable with a simple cycling pump, until 7bar of pressure.

After natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, rescues face many challenges. Pat Jack has been developed after many experiments to solve one of the greatest challenges, that of rasing masonry or building materials to free victims of the disaster. The Pat Jack is perfect for emergency situations, light weight, portable, simple inflation and most importantly it is safe.


Yokoi Pat Jack

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