Bus overturns near Los Angeles: rescue teams at work

55 passengers were injured when the charter casino bus they were travelling in overturned. The accident happened on the Interstate 201 in the county of Irwing, near Los Angeles. Exactly what happened is still unknown: according to witnesses the driver swerved and ended up down the embankment at the side of the highway without having hit any other vehicles. Others maintained, however, that the bus flipped over and came to rest with its wheels in the air after clipping a car as it changed lanes.

An impressive rescue operation was set up to help the passengers. Paramedics, working in collaboration with firefighters and traffic police, set up three first aid assembly points for the injured, arranged according to how serious their injuries were, using the international colour codes red, yellow and green. None had life-threatening injuries, but the most serious were airlifted by helicopter to local hospitals. Highway traffic was heavily affected, with long tailbacks blocking all lanes of the Interstate in both directions.

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