Coronavirus emergency, indignation in the US for the expulsion of 68 Haitians from the country

The United States are not excelling in their fight against the coronavirus emergency. In the first time, the underestimation of President Donald Trump, who reached other debatable political decisions. Now it’s the turn of 68 Haitians, expulsed from the country.

Coronavirus emergency seems to slip off the hand of the US health and social control.

Coronavirus emergency, US – Haiti

In the last few hours, the desire to repatriate 68 Haitian citizens, who lived in the United States is provoking strong indignation, in spite of the possibility of propagation of the virus that this choice would determine.

The United States, in fact, counts 330 thousand infected people, with over 11 thousand deaths, while the Caribbean island, among the poorest places in the world, currently has only 25 confirmed cases of positivity and only one death.

The Miami Herald reports that at least one of the Haitians included in this decree is living in a temporary detention building in which numerous cases of coronavirus occurred.

Humanitarian organizations active in Haiti, including Partner in Health and Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, brought the matter to the American Congress, calling on MEPs to take action to block, at least temporarily, this expulsion.

Among the first to speak was a United States House of Representative member, Andy Levin, who on his Twitter profile underlined that the possibility of Haiti’s management of a possible epidemic is limited.

The hope of many is that common sense prevails and that therefore public health reasons come before political ones. And that therefore the coronavirus represents a good reason to curb, at least temporarily, the United States migration policy.


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