Dr. Claudio Costa leave Motogp "Clinica Mobile" after 37 years

Here before the letter that Dr. Claudio Costa, after 37 years in “Clinica Mobile”, write to all the fan of motogp, to annouce his retires.

There are masters who have never appointed any successor to carry on their inspired work; there are masters who have made such a decision only in their final years, when the successor was already old.   

The best thing for a master is to choose a successor who can build on his legacy while he is still young, when the heart is still fuelled by passion.   

This is why – and also because my birthday of just a few days ago has put the weight of 73 years on my shoulders – I have decided, with a keen sense of love, humanity and responsibility, to appoint a suitable disciple to continue the work of the Clinica Mobile that I founded on 3rd February 1977 with the irreplaceable help of my father, Checco.   

For this all-too-human reason I shall be present at the World Motorcycling Championships less and less, yet when I am I shall undoubtedly be proud of the fine work being done by my successor.   

It is my good fortune to have had many skilled and praiseworthy ‘pupils’. One in particular stands out on account of his mind, heart and soul, a man ready to take the hand of my favourite daughter, the Clinica Mobile.   

His name is Michele, Dr. Michele Zasa, from Parma, a man with a knowledge of languages who has skilfully learnt how to help the heroes of competitive motorcycling: our closest friends, the riders.   

To ensure the Clinica’s future success, Dr. Zasa will continue the adventure together with Dr. Guido Dalla Rosa Prati, managing director of the Dalla Rosa Prati Health Centre – European Diagnostic Centre.   

The Clinica Mobile, then, will continue providing assistance to the teams in the paddocks, a place where it has always been warmly welcomed by everyone involved, especially my good friend Mike Trimby.   

Lastly, DORNA, which heads the competitive motorcycling world, has promised it will continue to nurture the Clinica Mobile and help my successors foster the philosophy and spirit that inspired this unique means of care and assistance to the riders.   

This painful decision will, I believe, help the Clinica Mobile continue its work. And as long as there is someone who values and admires what I have achieved in the motorcycling world, then I too shall continue to live a meaningful life”.   

Dr. Claudio Marcello Costa

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