EkspoMED, turkish teams work with Italian Healthcare Industry

The biggest medical and healthcare exhibition in the Eurasia region has opened in Istanbul at Tüyap Fair Congress and Convention Center with a big news for all the Mediterranean business company. ExpoMED has celebrated its most international event to date with a 40% increase in international brands exposed. ExpoMED has also recognised the importance of the trade links between the Italian and Turkish healthcare markets by placing Italy as the Country of Honour in this event. 

82 Italian company exhibits at ExpoMED. Some of them decide to improve their presence by a direct partnership with Turkish company. Among these Spencer, the Italian leader in emergency solutions, bring the opportunity to his partner Soydas Medikal to create a big network of knowledge and relationships. Soydas Medikal is one of the example of the new wave of Turkish business in medical solutions.
Also the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) bring over 20 healthcare suppliers, to show off more equipment, devices and consumables that made Italy one of the market leaders in Europe. Seminar subjects specific to the Italian healthcare sector include: The Italian Medtech Industry, Italian Supply of BtoB and BtoC Services to Hospitals and Other Medical Services Providers, Cooperation at a Local Level between Italy and Turkey, and Future Cooperation in the Medical Sector.

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