Eurosatory 2014, photos, videos and Live Tweet

Originally devoted to defence, Eurosatory has gradually expanded into the security market. While the contexts of use differ greatly between Defence & Security, the products are definitely on the same technological continuum.

Eurosatory has taken these developments on board and now invites new categories of defence and security product buyers. The markets of the future are without any shadows of doubt Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The Airland to the exhibition heart
ALAT (French Army Light Aviation) has chosen Eurosatory for its 60th anniversary celebration, thus boosting the air-land aspect of the fair. Aviation delegations from many countries will be invited to the event.

International meetings
On the discussion side, Eurosatory is developing its conferences. In particular it will be holding the SIMDEF seminar on “Simulation, a means to preserve operational potential” organized by ADIS, the European Club for Countertrade & Offset (ECCO) symposium on trade with Turkey and the Land Operations Forum.

This coming Eurosatory will be a great international affair with 2/3 of the exhibitors from foreign countries (51 countries have registered) including new ones such as Japan and Argentina. The venue for all products of the land and air-land industry, Eurosatory will mirror the latest trends in 2014. It may be too early to say what they all will be, but big changes in the robotics industry are already on the way.

2012 Key figures: (certified by OJS)

1 432 exhibitors from 53 countries – 70% international

163 523m² of indoor and outdoor exhibition space

53 480 professional visitors from 130 countries 

8 392 from armed and security forces from 111 countries

152 official delegations from 87 countries

224 « Eurosatory Guests » from 35 countries

684 accredited journalists from the 5 continents




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