In the Senate to talk about violence in the rescue field

On March 5th, at 5:00 PM, the Italian premiere of the short film “Confronti – Violence against Healthcare Workers,” conceived and produced by Dr. Fausto D’Agostino

On the upcoming March 5th, in the institutional heart of Italy, a nationally resonant event will take place aimed at addressing a growing concern in the healthcare sector: violence against healthcare workers. This conference, to be held in the Caduti di Nassirya Hall of the Senate of the Republic, sees the collaboration of prominent figures such as Dr. Fausto D’Agostino, Chief Medical Officer of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, and Senator Mariolina Castellone, who has always been engaged in concrete actions to support the National Health Service, with the goal of promoting greater awareness and prevention against this alarming phenomenon.

A Growing Problem

In recent years, Italy has witnessed a disturbing increase in attacks against healthcare sector workers. According to statistics provided by INAIL, in 2023 alone, there were approximately 3,000 cases of violence, a figure that reflects the seriousness of the situation and the need for targeted interventions. These acts not only endanger the safety of workers but also have profound repercussions on the organization and efficiency of the healthcare system.

An Institutional Response

The event on March 5th represents an important step forward in recognizing and addressing this problem. With the presence of institutional figures, industry experts, and victims of aggression, the conference aims to create constructive dialogue and propose concrete solutions. The participation of actor Massimo Lopez in the short film “Confronti – Violence against Healthcare Workers“, produced by Dr. D’Agostino, further emphasizes the importance of effectively communicating the severity of this phenomenon to the general public.

At the conference, moderated by RAI journalist Gerardo D’Amico, speakers will include Roberto Garofoli (Section President of the Council of State), Nino Cartabellotta (GIMBE Foundation), Patrizio Rossi (INAIL), Filippo Anelli (President of FNOMCEO), Antonio Magi (President of the Order of Medical Surgeons and Dentists of Rome), Mariella Mainolfi (Ministry of Health), Dario Iaia (Parliamentary Commission Ecomafie, Penal Lawyer), Fabrizio Colella (Pediatrician, victim of aggression), Fabio De Iaco (President of SIMEU), with special guest actor Lino Banfi.

Education and Prevention

March 5th coincides with the “National Day of Education and Prevention against Violence towards Healthcare and Socio-sanitary Operators“, established by the Ministry of Health. This is not a coincidence but a clear signal of the commitment of institutions to promote initiatives aimed at raising awareness among the population and providing healthcare workers with the necessary tools to address and prevent such situations.

The conference stands as a crucial moment to address violence in the healthcare sector with determination. It is essential that events like this do not remain isolated but become part of a broader and structured movement capable of positively influencing national healthcare and safety policies. Only through education, prevention, and collective commitment will it be possible to ensure a safe working environment for healthcare workers and improve the quality of services offered to the population.

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