Innovation in Emergency Communications: The SAE 112 Odv Conference in Termoli, Italy

Exploring the Future of Crisis Response through the European Single Emergency Number 112

A National Relevance Event

SAE 112 Odv, a Molise-based non-profit organization committed to emergency assistance, is organizing the conference ‘Perspectives on Emergency Communications and 112’ on February 10, 2024, in Termoli, at the Auditorium Cosib in Via Enzo Ferrari. The event serves as a key meeting point for experts in the field of civil protection and emergency communications.

Experts and Innovation

The Conference represents an important forum for discussion and in-depth analysis of issues related to communications in emergency situations with a particular focus on the role of the European single emergency number 112. The event will feature speeches by prominent speakers well-known in the field of civil protection and emergency communications such as Dr. Agostino Miozzo, former Director General of DPC, Dr. Massimo Crescimbene psychologist and psychotherapist at INGV, Prof. Roberto Bernabei President of Italia Longeva, the Civil Protection Department, and representatives of SAE 112 Odv partner companies Motorola Solutions Italia and Beta80 S.p.A.

During the Conference, there will be an opportunity to thoroughly examine the challenges and opportunities in the field of emergency communications, offering insights and innovative strategies to improve the effectiveness of interventions in critical situations. Topics of fundamental relevance for resource coordination and response optimization during emergencies of various nature will be addressed.

Towards a Collaborative Future

Participation is open to professionals in the sector, civil protection experts, representatives of public and private entities, as well as citizens interested in contributing to the improvement of communication systems in case of emergency. It will be an opportunity to discuss the optimization of responses during emergencies of various types, with a particular focus on the role of the European single emergency number 112.

SAE 112 Odv is committed to bridging the gap between the world of volunteering and public authorities, offering specialized skills and promoting training, consulting, and partnership programs. This conference represents a fundamental step in the path of improving community response capabilities to emergencies, emphasizing the importance of preparation, collaboration, and innovation in emergency communications.


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