June 2017: the month of refugees

June 2017 has been the month which saw the highest percentage of people who fled away from their origin lands.  An astonishing data which makes us understand that these people really need help. In addition, the Refugee Day was the 20th June 2017.

As UNHCR declared that “the number of refugees in the world is the highest ever seen.”

There are 5 things you have to know about the global refugees situation:

  • 1 person flees every 3 seconds
  • 65.6 million of people are displaced wolrdwide
  • Most refugees come in low and middle-income countries
  • Half of the world’s refugees are children
  • Half of the world’s refugees come from Afghanistan, Syria and South Sudan.

These are the most important data that we should bear in mind while talking about refugees. Refugees are forced to flee from their countries because of poverty, discrimination, but especially, because of harsh wars that are covering with blood those countries.


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