Australia, Melbourne: Climate Adaptation and Resilience Master-class

A new course is about to be programmed in Melbourne, Australia on 23rd May 2016. Micheal Lord, Senior Manager – Research Director at Beyond Zero Emissions will hold a lesson focus on natural disasters in Victoria

Mister Lord can bring to this course a very important print thanks to his deep experience in climate change in public and private sectors in UK and Australia.
Climatic change can bring natural loss of balance to environment and its inhabitants.
Drought, flash floods and wild storms are only a few of many other consequences of this “new” weather. Natural disasters can put on risk many people’s lives. Old, poor and sick people are the most hit by extreme weather, but also are healthy or rich individuals.
In light of these facts, catastrophes can be avoided by having an efficient CAP (Climate Adaptation Plan) or a CRP (Community Resilience Plan).
These lessons offer multiple activities and provide participants with practical knowledge to succeed in the field of CAP.
This course is suitable for consultants and professionals who are looking for resilience skills and Government and the Public Sector Professionals who gave to do with community.
The participation to this course will be awarded with 6 Green Stars CPD points.

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