Memorabilia. A first aid box dated 1930 discovered in old garage

The origins of this ancient club go back to 1872. A long history which the present-day Scarlets recently decided to unearth in order to raise awareness amongst fans and inhabitants of the town. They asked the local population, especially supporters, to donate to the rugby club any items of interest that they had at home that had something to do with the history of the team.

The Scarlets are building a heritage trail showing their long and glorious past links with the town. Photos, badges, memorabilia, letters, everything has an important place in this collection.

The appeal has already borne fruit. The family of Mr. Lewis found this incredible relic of the past in the garage of their great-grandfather, Llewelyn Jones, who had been a rugby player in Llanelli RFC, as the Scarlets were previously known. The box was found intact, containing first-aid items from over 80 years ago, which will now be returned to their “rightful home”.

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