Putting out the flames in the Boeing 777 crashed-landed in San Francisco, as seen by a firefighter

This video will allow you to live firsthand the drama of the rescue operation undertaken at the scene of the plane crash in San Francisco last 6th July. The images of the film taken by the Californian firefighters show the difficult environmental conditions in which the men were working around the shell of the Boeing 777, including low visibility and concerns about the fate of the passengers. Of the 292 passengers and 16 crew members, 2 died and several dozens were injured, some seriously.


The video frames, as well as being a valuable document, may help to shed light on the death of one of the two passengers, a 16-year-old student. According to initial reports, the girl was lying unconscious on the ground and was run over by a rescue vehicle on its way to fight the fire that had started on board the plane.

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