Red Cross and Red Crescent, video interview with Francesco Rocca on July 17th: ask the President your question

On Friday 17 July, Emergency Live will virtually meet Francesco Rocca: here is the description of the videocall and instructions on how to ask the Red Cross and Red Crescent President your question.

Francesco Rocca is not only the President of the Italian Red Cross or the President of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. His positions on the humanitarian and emergency care fields, and the print he gave to his role, he soon gained a special place in the heart of many responders.


Virtual meeting with Francesco Rocca, President of International Ref Cross and Red Crescent

Lawyer and 55 years old, President Rocca has become the representative of a certain way of providing lifesaving operations. In terms of solidarity, migrants, the role of volunteers, the Red Cross led by Francesco Rocca became a recognizable and defined body.

The world of emergency medicine and prehospital care had to face critical months, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. COVID-19 pandemic has hit every setting of our current life hardly. In many cases, the price was someone’s own health or death.

Emergency Live has long thought about how to thank these heroes who do not want to be considered like that. One of these “gifts” is a video interview with Red Cross and Red Crescent President Francesco Rocca. On the contrary, more than a real interview, it will be a platform for a direct dialogue between the president and his volunteers.

If you will be kind enough to fill out the form below (and download the popular Zoom app) you will have the possibility to be on-air with us and give yourself a chance to ask Francesco Rocca your own questions. Or maybe, simply, to say hello. It will be a cordial and “friendly” talking. The entire meeting will be carried out in Italian, however, an English interpreter will moderate for you your question with the President.

When? Save the date: Friday, July 17, 2020, from 6 pm (Rome GMT).

Subscribe, and remember to specify your email: Zoom meetings can only be attended by guests invited by the organizers (in this case us).





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