Rwanda: Let's Join Hands to Tackle Climate Change


Wed constitutes an important avenue for the United Nations for broadening and deepening worldwide awareness, political attention and public action on sound environmental management and the challenges of climate change.

Therefore, over the years, the day has grown to be a broad, global platform for public outreach on issues affecting our environment. More specifically, it serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for protecting the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet.

The theme for this year’s WED celebrations is “Raise your voice, not the sea level”. In this context, it seeks to focus attention on the urgency to help protect the islands around the world in the face of growing risks and vulnerabilities as a result of climate change which leaves small island states and coastal communities around the globe vulnerable to floods, storm surges and rising sea level.


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