What happened to Emergency Live?

Dear reader,

Two weeks ago Emergency Live has had serious technical problems and the website has been not visible for than 5 days. With this post we wish to apologize with all of you: we are well aware that you daily read our magazine and in the last week reading articles and looking at photos has been not possible.

Now, everything has been fully set up and we dedicate some time to explain what really happened to us.

Our websites were hosted by OVH, the biggest European web-farm. Until 9th November 2017 our site was working perfectly and it was guaranteeing an optimal functioning of our services.

Unfortunately a blackout occured at 7.56 am of 9th November and our site, like other millions, went offline. It was been disappointing that the most important and safest servers like ours had so many problems for so much time.

On Monday 13th we managed to restablish Emergency Live but we worked hard to recover everything and we experienced much distress for this situation. But at last, we are back in action!

This unfortunate event made us understand many things and we opened our eyes on which could be the issues and the difficulties which might occur. For this reason we moved our informatic platforms on more performing servers. We also copied our webpages on three differents points of the planet: USA, Singapore ans Frankfurt where the worldwide internet backbones join. This is the best way to give you the highest quality of our services.

Our choice points to provide the higest performing service: easier, quicker and more reactive. 

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