Yosemite Search and Rescue save an hiker from a 30 foot fall on a rock

(CALIFORNIA) – A rescue effort by Yosemite SAR brought Blake Parkinson to the hospital where could tell the dramatic event.

Parkinson, 26, had landed on a five-foot outcropping, slamming his back into the rock just as his safety line went taut. It was his worst fall in four years of climbing, and one that ended with a dramatic air rescue by a crack Yosemite team flown in by a California Highway Patrol chopper crew.
The California Highway Patrol documented the rescue of a seriously injured hiker in Yosemite. It happened on Sunday, when Blake Parkinson of Palo Alto fell about 30 feet onto a rock ledge on Higher Cathedral Spire. Crews hoisted Parkinson into the helicopter.


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