Youth Engaged in First Aid, Heroes without Superpowers

120 days before the 5th Samaritan Contest, we kick off the Year of Youth in First Aid! 2014 will have the motto “Youth Engaged in First Aid – Heroes without Superpowers”. We aim to promote first aid training, particularly among young people.

The year 2014 is dedicated to promoting the value and importance of first aid skills, and also how simple it is to learn a few simple measures that could save lives in an emergency situation. You do not need superpowers to be able come to the rescue when it matters most!

Several events are planned throughout this year, including the 5th Samaritan Contest, where almost 100 young people from all over Europe will meet in Venice and Adria to measure their first aid skills. SAM.I also intend to make a series of simultaneous flash mobs in several European countries to raise public awareness for first aid.

In addition, the European Committee for First Aid Education will work out a revised edition of the joint standards in first aid training for the European Samaritan organisations and work on their promotion on the European level.

In the past, SAM.I. members have already conducted many successful efforts in raising awareness for first aid. This year, Samaritan are taking those efforts to the European level. Watch this website for updates on events for the campaign – or visit SAM.I on Facebook or Twitter.

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