Hurricane Lane in Hawaii: the island of Hilo is underwater and heavy rains are theating buildings and people

HONOLULU  – Torrential rains caused by a powerful hurricane hit the Big Island of Hawaii on Thursday.

Declared state of emergency even if the hurricane in Hawaii that has downgraded to category 3. It still remains a dangerous situation, and the Hawaii Red Cross is communicating what to do to people in order to carry out a safe evacuation.


Due to Hawaii’s isolation and vulnerability, the Red Cross recommends that people prepare their emergency kits for 14 days and bring their emergency supplies with them to shelters. Airports and ports may be damaged by the storm and slow down the resupply process for local stores.

Pets entering a pet friendly shelter must be in a pet carrier or cage for safety and owners must provide water and food for their pets and will be expected to assist in the care for their pet.

The Red Cross encourages everyone to be prepared before disasters strike:  Get a disaster kit, make a plan and be informed. HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Red Cross is in action now to assist people and 100 residents were told to evacuate their homes due to increased danger of flooding. Authorities went from house to house in the Big Island neighborhood, telling residents that those refusing to evacuate may not be able to be rescued by first responders should conditions worsen.

Hurricane Lane made the part of the island of Hilo underwater and torrents of water flowing into streets. Four people had to be rescued from their homes, and one house was significantly damaged.

The island remains under a flash flooding warning. National Weather Service said rain rates of 2 to 3 inches an hour were being recorded in South Hilo and Puna districts. They also warned more rain bands are approaching the island from the southeast.


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