Sardinia Triumphs at DIU National Competition

The event, held at the National Committee of the Italian Red Cross, saw over 140 students engage in discussions on humanitarian scenarios, with Sardinia clinching the top spot

Over the weekend in Rome, the third edition of the National Humanitarian Law Competition took place, an event hosted by the National Committee of the Italian Red Cross. The team from Sardinia emerged as the winner, followed in the rankings by Lombardy and Abruzzo. The competition saw over 140 high school students in 18 teams compete on the applications of International Humanitarian Law. The students demonstrated great dedication and competence. In one set of exercises, for example, they tackled situations such as the landing of migrants from the Mediterranean coast, a visit to a prison camp, an interview with a prisoner of war, and the trial for war crimes.

The 3rd “Time Travel” event

One of the highlights of this edition was the award ceremony for the “A journey through time to discover the birth of the Italian Red Cross” contest, which involved producing a video to narrate the history of the Italian Red Cross, now in its 160th anniversary. Two awards were conferred: one for the best graphic/communicative impact, given to the team from Tuscany, and the other for content, which went to the team from Molise. This competition provided participants with a window into the history of the Red Cross, allowing them to enhance their understanding of humanitarian principles through creativity. Exclusive Outreach Interactive Activity

Alongside the IHL competition, students took part in an interactive team-building activity in the form of a game to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the first Geneva Convention. Structured around a series of specific questions, the game provided a fun and authentic overview of International Humanitarian Law and the history of the Red Cross, while also emphasizing the fundamental principles of humanitarianism during conflicts.

Institutional Greetings

Institutional greetings were delivered by Rosario Valastro, National President of the Italian Red Cross. Among those present at the awards ceremony were Edoardo Italia, Vice President of the Italian Red Cross and head of youth activities, Andrea Esteban Samà from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and numerous other distinguished guests who emphasized the importance of human dignity and the maintenance of human rights during war.


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