Breaking News Central Italy - An emergency helicopter has fallen: still no break to the misfortune

L’AQUILA – A 118 Emergency Helicopter of Abruzzo, an EC-KJT has  crashed while completing a rescue operation at Campofelice, near L’Aquila. It is thought that the helicopter fell from a height of 600 metres, but the news given by Rai News 24 has not been confirmed.  The first response team has already left their base in Penne for the scene of the accident.

The emergency helicopter was coordinated by the 118 rescue service and not by the  Civil Defence. The helicopter  had been sent to rescue an casualty at Campofelice. No news has been given about weather conditions, nor about the number of people involved.


  • Last official update confirms that 6 people were on board.
  • The accident happened between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m.
  • The place of the accident is very difficult to reach and the Italian Search and Rescue service is proceeding to the area by foot.

3.15 P.M. UPDATE  –  No one has survived the crash.  The emergency helicopter  was carrying an injured skier to the hospital in bad weather conditions. It seems that the pilot did not see a ridge of Monte Cefalone, near Campofelice, against which the helicopter crashed.

Rescuers are continuing towards the place of this disaster, but the operation is made more difficult by the poor conditions.

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