Dog Rescue operation on the ice in Roscoe, Illinois

Harlem-Roscoe firefighters were dispatched to a call on the Legends Lake in Roscoe for a man on the ice trying to rescue his dog that had fallen through thin ice into the lake on Dec. 11, 2017

First in units arrived on scene and Lt. Justin Mayton donned a cold water suit and firefighters secured him to a safety rope. He then headed out onto the ice with a second Kayak that was on scene. He reached the owner of the dog and the dog’s owner was able to climb into the kayak. Mayton was then able to reach the dog and he and the dog were pulled back to the shore by the firefighters on the shore. A rope was also then thrown to the owner in the Kayak and he was pulled safely to the shore.

Source: Harlem-Roscoe Fire
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