Fiat 238 Autoambulance "Unified"

An engineering masterpiece that marked an important turning point in the history of Italian ambulances

The Fiat 238 Autoambulanza “Unificata,” known for its refined Fiat/Savio evolution, represents a crucial chapter in the history of ambulances in Italy. This model marked Fiat’s first significant attempt to enter the market for Mobile Resuscitation Units, a sector until then dominated by specialized bodybuilders.

Fiat 238 Autoambulanza Unificata 2The vehicle, based on the Tetto Alto version, stood out for its functionality and versatility. The central stretcher arrangement allowed easy access from multiple sides, while it was also possible to opt for two side stretchers with a central aisle. Compared to the basic version, the Fiat 238 offered a range of optional extras that increased its value and usefulness: a step up facilitated access to the vehicle, a sink and aspirator ensured hygiene and safety, while additional bays and a water tank increased the vehicle’s storage capacity.

The equipment also included a paper roll holder, an inverter for medical equipment, and external oxygen and vacuum outlets. Interestingly, this particular example does not have the removable top cases, a common feature in many vehicles of the same period.

This 1975 Fiat 238 underwent a conservative restoration, preserving as much of the original components as possible and keeping its historic charm intact. Some exterior details, however, are not original and date from the period when the vehicle was employed at a Montedison industrial plant. Despite this, the vehicle’s mileage is exceptionally low, a testament to the care and attention devoted to its maintenance over the years.

Fiat 238 Autoambulanza Unificata 3The restoration of this Fiat 238 Autoambulanza “Unificata” represents not only a tribute to Italian engineering and design, but also an important piece in the history of ambulances and emergency medical services in Italy. The vehicle, with its innovative structure and unique features, remains a shining example of how technology and design can go hand in hand to provide effective and reliable solutions in emergency situations.

The Fiat 238 Autoambulanza “Unificata” is a true jewel of Italian engineering, a piece of history that continues to tell its story through conservative restoration and the passion of enthusiasts. A vehicle that, despite the passage of years, continues to testify to the commitment and innovation that have always characterized the medical emergency sector in Italy.

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