Immigration, prostitution, drug and slavery in a refugee center in Italy

It is an enquiry of the L’Espresso, the weekly publication on which the “embedded” journalist, Fabrizio Gatti, underlines a big problem in the third Italian sector today. Images that arrives from CARA di Borgo Mezzanone, vicino Foggia make us know  the seriousness of the problem. There, immigrats who arrived from the Mediterrean Sea become “numbers” for the group of red and white cooperatives which compose the “Sisifo” group and the “Senis Hospes” group.

Keeping 636 people (even if the reporter affirms they are even more) crowded as animals inside the third center of the Italian asylum seekers, makes the cooperatives earn 14.000 euros per day.

The Diary of Fabrizio Gatti is a hard blow for the third sector. He describes clearly how, in order to increase benefits dued to 15 milions of euros earnt by the tender, (plus other special profits) the camp became something worse than illegal shantytowns, which – in the province of Foggia, too – provided (and provide right now) slaves for the tomato fields.
Therefore, the clump of people who have been taken to the CARA are used by “nigerian gangsters to sell the girls”, to provide “illegal workers” for the agriculture, and to gather tray dogs. And who knows what else.

The inquiry is in Italian and you can find it here: L’Espresso


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