Mercedes 250 W123 Binz: A Historic Journey between Germany and Italy

The story of a vintage vehicle that travelled across Europe to serve the community

Every vehicle has a story to tell, and that of the Mercedes 250 W123 Binz 1982 trim is no exception. A top product of the renowned German car manufacturer Mercedes, this special model, built by Carrozzeria Binz, found its way into the heart of Italy, making a significant contribution to transport services. Although this model was widely used and appreciated on German roads, it was a rarity on Italian roads.

A new beginning on Lake Como

The year 2000 marked a turning point for this vintage vehicle when it made its entrance at Lariosoccorso in Erba, on the picturesque Lake Como. Here, it served for over a decade, becoming a staple for transport services. Its robustness, distinctive design and advanced functionality have made it an invaluable addition to the Lariosoccorso fleet.

The transition to the Milan White Cross

In 2011, this Mercedes 250 W123 began a new chapter in its history when it was donated to the Historical Section of the Milan White Cross. The historic organisation, known for its invaluable services to the community, enthusiastically accepted this gift. As a token of appreciation and to preserve its legacy, the Milan White Cross updated the vehicle with its distinctive social colours, giving it a renewed identity and an even deeper connection to the Milanese community.

A special meeting in Langhirano

In September, in the picturesque town of Langhirano, in the province of Parma, the Mercedes 250 W123 was presented at a special event. This event offered car enthusiasts and the public the chance to admire this historic gem up close. A special mention goes to Giuseppe Comandulli, Commander of the Paullo section of the Milan White Cross, for his immense availability and for sharing the rich history and stories of this extraordinary vehicle.

The fusion of history and service

The story of the Mercedes 250 W123 Binz 1982 is a perfect fusion of automotive heritage and community service. From its journey from Stuttgart to Milan, via the fascinating shores of Lake Como, this vehicle has shown how German engineering and Italian dedication to service can come together in perfect synergy. As its journey continues, this vehicle’s legacy as a symbol of service, style and history will endure for generations to come.

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