Story of common heroes: the National Bravery Awards from Ireland

Saving two adolescents from a burning flat on his way back from an evening at the pub with a friend. Or rescuing a girl who had nearly drowned and bringing her back to life, while on a family outing. The 2013 edition of the National Bravery Awards for life-savers from Eire honours exceptional acts carried out by normal individuals, rescuers, soldiers, firefighters distinguished by their altruism and efficacy in action.

During the award ceremony, which was held in Farmleigh House, Dublin, awards were presented to James Rowan and Padraig McWeeney, firefighters from Longford, who both received bronze medals for their act of altruism which saved the life of a young woman who had fallen into water in Tarmonbarry, Co Roscommon.

James Rowan said he “felt confident” of his swimming ability and had not hesitated when he’d seen the young woman in the water. The firefighter and his colleague then correctly and successfully carried out CPR at the scene, while waiting for doctors to arrive.

Twenty-one people received awards at the ceremony: ten received certificates of bravery, three were awarded silver medals and another eight received bronze medals.

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