Norwegian Resuscitation Council guidelines: 10 interesting differences

Norwegian Resuscitation Council guidelines: 10 interesting differences

SOURCE SCANCRIT -During the SAM16 (Scandinavian Conference fro Emergency Medicine) The Norwegian Resuscitation Council has released revised guidelines for CPRThese recommendations might differ from international recommendations released from the ERC and AHA. On the slide presented during the congress and published on SCANCRIT, you could see the difference:

  1. Always give a shock as soon as a defibrillator is available, don’t give a round of compressions first.
  2. With initial VF/VT, wait with drugs until you’ve done 4 mins of Advanced CPR.
  3. Intubation only by anaesthetic personnel with regular training
  4. Mechanical CPR is an alternative to standard manual CPR
  5. Temperature range for therapeutic hypothermia is now 32-36°C
  6. Prehospital initiation of therapeutic hypothermia is not recommended
  7. In pregnant patients in cardiac arrest, perimortem caesarian should be initiated after 4 mins of unsuccessful CPR.
  8. Transport to facility that can perform emergent PCI should be considered in selected pts in refractory VT/VF
  9. ECMO can be considered in selected patients
  10. Traumatic arrests should be treated as actively and aggressively as medical arrests





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