Sire first aid cabinet; compact, dynamic and well-stocked

Sire first aid cabinet; compact, dynamic and well-stocked

Sire Spa is a company based in the Italian region of Reggio Emilia. For over 30 years it has been at the forefront of the Emergency sector in Italy. Here we propose one of the basic first aid tools, the first aid cabinet.

The Sire 460x340x180 / 105 M first aid cabinet is an extremely useful tool for every rescue worker. The well-designed and easy-to-use cabinet opens up to a vast assortment of products ready for use, which make it absolutely essential for a range of treatments.


Technical details:

  1. Metal cabinet dimensions 460x340x180mm.
  2. White painted metal cabinet with epoxy powder coating, double-depth doors, 6 compartments, 4 inside shelves, lockable.
  3. Recommended for small commercial and industrial enterprises, workshops, construction sites, laboratories, etc.



5 x pair sterile gloves;

1 x safety mask with eye protection visor

3 x bottle saline solution 500 ml CE;

2 x bottle l Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) with 10% iodine PMC 500ml;

10 x pack sterile gauze dressing 10x10cm;

2 x pack sterile gauze dressing 18x40cm;

2 x sterile cloth 40×60 cm DIN 13152-BR;

2 x sterile tweezers;

2 x pack cotton wool;

1 x pack elastic tubular bandage;

2 x pack Plastosan 20 assorted sticking plasters;

1 x pair bandage-cutting shears 14.5cm DIN 58279;

2 x roll adhesive tape 5m x 2.5cm;

3 x tourniquet;

2 x disposable instant Ice Pack;

2 x sanitary disposal bag;

1 x clinical thermometer CE with case;

1 x personal blood pressure meter with stethoscope;

4 x gauze dressing 3.5m x 10cm;

1 x PIC 3 case each containing: 3 x sachet liquid handwash; 3 sachet x disposable cleansing wipes PMC; 2 x sachet ammonia wipes;

1 x complete Pinocchio + Vento kit;

1 x foil blanket, gold/silver 160x210cm;

1 x TNT triangular bandage 96x96x136cm;

2 x gel burn dressing 3.5g;

2 x conforming bandage 4m x 6cm DIN 61634;

1 x sterile pad dressing 80x100mm DIN 13151 M;

1 x first aid guidance leaflet;

1 x copy of Ministerial Decree 388 dated 15/07/2003.



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