Be the difference. St. John Ambulance start the 2016 Big First Aid Lesson

The Big First Aid Lessons is a series of short first aid programmes presented. Each lesson covers different first aid topics, in real life scenarios with easy-to-follow first aid demonstrations.

In the space of just 20 minutes, students can learn first aid skills which could stay with them for a lifetime. You can download a new lesson every term to watch with your class. You can also finish the school year with our annual live event, The Big First Aid Lesson Live.

The Big First Aid Lesson Live

The Big First Aid Lesson Live is our annual free, one-hour, online first aid session streamed live into classrooms across the country.

Our interactive programme combines first aid training and 999 scenarios with amazing real life stories, as well as plenty of opportunities for students to join the conversation.

If you missed this year’s Big First Aid Lesson Live, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, you can watch the recording here. The next Big First Aid Lesson Live will take place in the summer term of 2016.

Teaching students life-saving skills

We’ve created The Big First Aid Lesson Live to make it easier for you to teach first aid. It’s a great introduction for your students, or if they already know some first aid, a brilliant way of refreshing their skills.

Launched in 2014, the event was a big success, with 32,384 students taking part and learning life saving first aid skills.

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