The BBC One 999 Award, honouring British heroes from the Emergency services, becomes a TV programme

The BBC One 999 Award, honouring British heroes from the Emergency services, becomes a TV programme

For the first time the BBC will honour on television the heroes of Britain’s Emergency Services in an event, the BBC 999 Awards, which recognises the tireless work they do. 

Ever since the number 999 came into being, 75 years ago, the Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Coastguard and Mountain Rescue services have saved millions of lives.

 The BBC 999 Awards aim to acknowledge officially the heroic acts that the officers and volunteers of the emergency services carry out on a daily basis.

Over the course of the evening, awards will be presented to members of each of the five British emergency and rescue services, and to specific teams and individuals whose actions have exceeded the call of duty to save lives and ensure public safety. Awards will be given to the most outstanding:

  1.  Police Officer
  2. Paramedic
  3. Fire & Rescue Worker
  4. Coastal Rescuer
  5. Mountain Rescuer
  6. Emergency Volunteer
  7. 999 Operator
  8. Local Hero 


The BBC 999 Award will also be presented to people who have performed beyond the call of duty in exceptional circumstances. The BBC 999 Awards was commissioned by the BBC’s Executive Editor, Entertainment Commissioning, Mirella Breda, who believes that these stories of British heroes, soaked in passion, emotions and drama, but above all examples of real life, just have to be told.

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