Babypod: brand-new cradle for newborn emergency transport

Formula One technology launches a revolutionary transport system called Babypod 20, a new emergency cradle for infants emergency transportation.

The new emergency cradle: Babypod 20. The Williams Advanced Engineering, sister business of the F1 team, provides this new safe environment for new-born infants that require transporting to the hospital either by car, ambulance or helicopter. In particular, this innovation has been studied to carry critically ill new-born babies needing emergency transportation.

Williams Advanced Engineering worked alongside with Advanced Healthcare Technology, which already had a good experience in babies transport system field. Materials and techniques used will be the same used to build Williams’ F1 cars. This carbon fibre transport device will be able to withstand a 20 G-force crash and offer, at the same time, a more cost-effective and lightweight option, despite the lumbering incubators used before.

As the managing director of  Williams Advanced Engineering says, that the most important point is the combination of lightweight and strength of the structure, that makes this device safe and easy to transport.

They worked with Advanced Healthcare Technology in order to create a more compact Babypod, but especially the aim is to take this brand new device to scale up, in order that more hospitals could be provided with it and also, benefit of Formula One technology.

Mark Lait, the design director of Advanced Healthcare Technology affirms:

“This design, with reduced weight and increased strength, has also delivered improved features of protection against vibration and noise and of course the dangers related to impact, which inevitably sometimes occur with medical vehicles traveling at speed.”





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