At last. The spacious ambulance setting: It’s time for BOB, the revolutionary stretcher support

Spencer found the solution which gathers beauty, quality, comfort and space in the ambulance settings. BOB is a simple device of pure technology with a sole purpose: creating space in a way nothing else can.

PARMA, ITALY – The most important innovation in the emergency field will be presented at RETTmobil 2017, the leading European exhibition for rescue and mobility which will be held in Fulda (Germany) from the 10th to the 12th of May 2017. Its name is BOB and it will be a complete revolution in ambulance settings. It is not a coincidence that the innovation was created in Spencer, the international leader in the EMS solutions.  BOB is a medical device like no other.  You can call it a “stretcher support” but it’s not only that: BOB represents a totally new concept of space onboard the ambulance with new management, patient treatment and cleaning solution. Italy has always been the cradle of design, comfort, quality and attention to details  and indeed Spencer has been loyally tied to these ideals over the past 30 years of activity.



bob-copertinaBOB can be defined as a stretcher support but there’s a lot more to it. In particular it is an aluminum extruded surface which shows incomparable peculiarities that no other competitor of stretcher supports can offer today. Light weight, durable and resistant, BOB has 3 internationally recognized patents that can offer a variety of innovative solutions and most of all will solve the most important dream of any ambulance’s professional.



First of all BOB board is perfectly smooth and has no welded joints which allows perfect and immediate cleaning and sanitization. But the most important thing is that BOB’s shape creates space where it previously didn’t exist. Starting from the right side of this device you will notice the concave profile which ensures more comfort for operators who will no longer face the problem of space for feet and ankles and will be able to maintain the most comfortable posture during the medical operations.


bob-luceBOB’s innovations are not over. A bar that actions the sideways shift of the entire stretcher runs along the right hand profile. It will no longer be necessary to move to the top or the bottom of the support to activate movement.  Getting to the point, the revolutionary concept of BOB is that it can house all the fundamental devices which an operator requires to treat the patient (ventilation, oxygen therapy, suction units, 12V socket) integrated into the BOB profile creating space where it previously didn’t exist.

With all its innovations, Spencer BOB hasn’t forgotten about care for the patient. The stretcher support is surrounded by several led lights which illuminate the footage area, increasing the brightness inside the ambulance compartment and reaching the same luminosity as an operating theatre.


5For the first time, technological evolution moves towards the rescuer as well ensuring the maximum ergonomics during routine manoeuvers. BOB is so innovative that it also solves another long-standing issue for operators: loading and unloading procedures with the problem of the stretcher’s leg opening. BOB in fact will automatically detect the correct distance between the ground and the stretcher board and will position itself at the correct height to perform a perfect unloading with the stretcher’s legs that will safely open up. Thanks to BOB, at long last, the EMS professionals only have to take care of the patient without worrying about anything else.


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