EMS TRAINING: How to apply full body spine immobilization

SAN JUAN CITY, PHILIPPINES – A cross training between San Juan CDRRMO and Transcare Emergency Services was held at the San Juan City Hall to familiarize both teams to up to date emergency devices and equipments.

The rescuer in action during the training are using X-Collar, Spencer SX Scoop Stretcher, Blue Matt and Tango, the one and only integrated adult-paediatric spine board.

The spine board provides a system of recovery, transport and immobilization of the patient with suspected lesions of the vertebrae. The fixation to the stretcher, through the straps system of belts, permits lifting of the patient even vertically during extrication or transportation in difficult conditions. The Vacuum Mattress Blue Matt is a versatile solution for spinal immobilization for short transportation. It is a medical device used for the immobilisation of patients, especially in case of a vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma.

This EMS training help rescuers to know different application of the devices, and how to perform a perfect rescue during emergency.


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