Londoners want to buy a 2nd Helicopter for the London Air Ambulance service

Founded in 1989, the London Air Ambulance has treated more than 30,000 critically injured people. Now it serves the 10 million people who live, work and holiday within the M25. The London HEMS operates in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust and London Ambulance Service and, in 2014, it treated 1,806 patients: 33% from road traffic incidents, 27% from falls and 24% from penetrating trauma including stabbings and shootings. Now they need a 2nd helicopter, and Londoners help them to get it with a fundrising campaing

The service currently subsists with just the one helicopter, which means that whenever it is out of service for maintenance or other reasons, London has no airborne medical coverage.
The service doesn’t just provide rapid transport for seriously injured people, they also carry out critical treatments including blood transfusions and open chest surgery to restart hearts. As they put it: “We bring the hospital to the patient.”

The total cost of a new helicopter is £6 million and the service has already secured £1.6 million leaving the £4.4 million left to raise.

To find out how you can support the campaign, visit the London Air Ambulance site.

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