New app for beach rescue from the American Red Cross

The Red Cross First Aid App was created by the American Red Cross, and is one of a wide range of smartphone applications that the association has produced for interested users.

There’s one for every eventuality: in the event of a tornado, Tornado App; in the event of a hurricane, Hurricane App; Shelter Finder App to search for assistance in the event of a catastrophe; First Aid for immediate first aid wherever you are; Earthquake App in the event of earthquakes and Wildfire App in the event of wildfires.

The latest technological solution to be patented by the Red Cross is intended for beach and pool rescue. A simple phone key makes the search very simple: by clicking on the required word a video will appear to give a step-by-step explanation of the procedures to follow for emergency treatment.

The app covers a very wide range of risks and problems, from allergies to fractures, from heat stroke to loss of consciousness. The application also includes advice about how to act in the event of fire or bad weather.

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