World Rescue Challenge, extrication challenge for teams. Life-saving spinal boards and cervical collars

The following images show the World Rescue Challenge, which took place in Cork, in Ireland, in which teams from all over the world competed. The members of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue’s trauma team did especially well and won first prize.

The local team however, the West Cork Trauma and Extrication Team, will take part soon in the contest due to be held in Clearwater, Florida, from 27th October to 2nd November 2013. Although it’s only a small-town team, the skills they have acquired and the sensitivity shown by the local council administration, which provides the team with vehicles and training opportunities, have allowed the members of this small local team to distinguish themselves on the international stage.

Specialised teams will take part in rescue competitions planned all over the world, perfecting the techniques and skills in the specific role of extrication, in extreme situations and scenarios like train and car collisions, mainly road traffic incidents in which the bodies of the victims are trapped in the wreck and the rescue requires special techniques and aids.

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