Safety drones: application of Frequentis to support drones in public safety control rooms

Frequentis has developed an application which allows location data and video from drones to feed directly into workstations in the control centre, through its LifeX and ASGARD solutions.

Firefighters, police, emergency medical services, search and rescue crews, and lifeguards, responding to a wide range of emergencies every day, are all too often hindered by a lack of critical information. Video and sensor data provided by drones could vastly support those forces in their missions and to guarantee safety.

At PMRExpo, Frequentis will highlight how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones can be efficiently utilised in emergency situations and guarantee safety by directly integrating their critical surveillance information into the control centre’s communication systems.

The system design is fully scalable and will support autonomous Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations in the future if permitted by local legal legislation. This will allow emergency services to use drones to quickly gain a real-time aerial view of a situation as it unfolds and maintain safety.

The application forwards the live video data to the control centre. The data feed can be processed and displayed by both the Frequentis multimedia collaboration platform LifeX, as used in large national public safety organizations, or its communication system ASGARD, which is already used in 35 security centers for industry and fire departments in Germany. Resolution and quality can be configured by a mobile app to use the maximum available bandwidth of encrypted LTE connectivity.

“With the help of this technology the control centre can quickly and directly gain an information advantage, improving situational awareness, allowing simplification and acceleration of emergency services work processes.” Says Jan Ziegler – Head of New Business Development UAVs.

Frequentis is an international supplier of communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks. These control centre solutions are developed and distributed by Frequentis in the business segments Air Traffic Management (civil and military air traffic control, and air defence) and Public Safety & Transport (police, fire and rescue services, emergency medical services, vessel traffic and railways). Frequentis maintains a worldwide network of subsidiaries and local representatives in more than fifty countries. The company’s products and solutions are behind more than 25,000 operator positions in almost 140 countries. With this extensive portfolio, Frequentis is the leading provider of voice communication systems… all making our world a safer place every day!

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