Motorcycle ambulance? The right response for massive events

In which situations is motorcycle ambulance essential?

If a two-wheeled ambulance in an emergency is a solution with proven effectiveness, the Piaggio three-wheeled motorcycle ambulance is a very interesting idea for events and destinations with a high tourist density. Here is how it will be used during Lucca Comics 2019

The motorcycle ambulance rescue can be of different types. But the vehicle is the same. Speaking of Piaggio Mp3 you can find the right compromises for any situation. That’s why choosing the three-wheeled motorcycle for the health services in events, demonstrations, and areas with high tourist density is better.
When there is a high density of tourists, the ambulance has obvious difficulties of intervention. Even essential medical treatments become challenging to provide, and it is necessary to move slowly and with caution.

Which vehicle can help a paramedic to reach quickly and safely the target?

Piaggio’s motorcycle ambulance set up on Mp3 500 model

In the world, for a long time, the solution has always been a motorcycle ambulance. In many situations, where the crowds of tourists complicate movements and driving, or where sports events require emergency medical crews to move quickly along a path, we think about two or three-wheeled motorcycle ambulances to carry out the first treatments.
Beyond problematic situations – such as rescue in Alpine, unpaved or inaccessible areas – the use of a motorcycle ambulance is a factor that can make a difference. Different realities are testifying to this: times and the assistance service provided has nothing to do with the classic combination of “walking crew + ambulance”.
The reduction of response times, the elimination of potential blocking factors along the way, and the amount of on-board equipment available are all important aspects of ensuring the highest level of emergency service in any event.

Lucca Comics 2019: the three-wheeled Piaggio Mp3 will be there!

During the Lucca Comics 2019 show, the Piaggio Mp3 will be the primary assistance vehicle in the heart of

Croce Verde Lucca: for years assures medical safety on occasion of Lucca Comics & Games shows.

the city. The goal is to certify the performance of the Piaggio Mp3 with an ad hoc medical kit for BLS interventions in the worst possible conditions, such as large crowds of people, very little space for transit, the need to deploy medical rescuers in multiple roles and with different functions.
On this occasion, the compact and agile three-wheeled vehicle built in Pontedera (Italy) will have a rescue kit with quick release bags, ECG monitors and radio connections. The problem of space for the storage of materials on this motorcycle ambulance has been solved thanks to a pair of semi-rigid and waterproof cases, designed to carry the material of a typical BLS backpack that rescuers use daily.
Everything you need in first aid is divided between the side bags, while the rear backpack serves as a transport for medical equipment. The internal hooks of the backpack are in soft straps and can contain ultra-thin vacuum cleaners, fans, advanced electromedical equipment, even if the 118 wants to set up the mobile station from BLS to ALS. Thus, depending on their competence, rescuers can have the necessary equipment for adequate stabilization.

When using a motorcycle ambulance?

The side of the three-wheeled Piaggio Mp3. The motor ambulance stands without kickstand thanks to an innovative suspension system.

The significant advantages of the motorcycle ambulance Piaggio Mp3 are linked to driving – possible and straightforward even with just a car-driving licence – and to the speed of the operation in safety. Having such a flexible vehicle t is very important for both the emergency medical service and the response organization. Placing a first and rapid treatment on a critical patient guarantees the O.C. the correct information for the proper advanced treatment. In a region like Tuscany, then, where the ECG is done directly by voluntary rescuers and remotely transmitted, it means having an even more effective rescue chain in case of heart problem.
An ambulance, or a team of walking rescuers, would not guarantee the same speed of intervention or the same quality. The vehicle offered by Piaggio for Lucca Comics 2019 can be set up and made live in a very short time, with a course of prior approach to Mp3 included. Today, Piaggio Mp3s in motorcycle ambulance configuration are highly increasing in number, and a similar solution, particularly in a period of high tourist density (bathing areas, for example), could represent a turning point to ensure rescue in complex areas.

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