Emergency Coronavirus: Italy put 25 billion to face the virus. More restrictive measures can arrive

The Italian Prime Minister declared that 25 billion will be put at the disposal to face emergency coronavirus nationwide.

Since the emergency coronavirus seems to strike the entire Peninsula of Italy, the infected ones exceed 10,000. The Northern Regions of Italy ask for massive closure measures to extremely contain the virus.

An extraordinary sum of money of 25 billion has been put at the disposal of emergency coronavirus by the Italian Government. This money will bot be used suddenly, but, if in need, they are ready to face the emergency.

Meanwhile, good news from Codogno, where the coronavirus outbreak started: zero infections today. It’s the first time since the end of February.

The Parliament authorized the allocation of this sum to be used to cover the debt, in the forecast of a critic level of deficit. “The first measure will foresee the use of half of these resources,- explains the Italian Economic Minister Gualtieri -, while the other half will also depend on possible European resources. It is still too early to say the level of deficit that will be reached “.

The economic report of emergency coronavirus

Gualtieri reported that the decree on economic measures for the emergency coronavirus will be launched on “Friday” and will run for “12 billion”. “The main objective is to strengthen the response of the health service” to the emergency coronavirus. So the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri in hearing before the House and Senate Budget Committees on the request to finance the anti-Coronavirus measures in deficit. “I want to thank doctors, nurses and all those engaged in a heroic effort to ensure everyone’s treatment necessary. ”

Now there is a debate about the possibility of accepting the request for further restrictive measures in Lombardy to contain as much as possible the virus infection. Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Italian Ministry of Health declares that it makes sense. “The pressure on the Lombardy regional health service is spasmodic”.

What are the next steps in Italian measures?

Meanwhile, in these hours new checks and closures of the Brennero motorway have been activated, as announced yesterday by the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. Only motorists with a medical certificate will be able to leave Italy and then they will have to stay in self-isolation for two weeks.

For the moment, the trucks will pass after the measurement of the body temperature of the truck driver. The border with Italy remains open to freight traffic and cross-border commuters. Truckers and workers will be subjected to the terms can.

A team of five Chinese expert doctors with a member of the Beijing Red Cross and a specialist from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention will reach Italy. they will put in action their skills and supplies to help Italy against the emergency coronavirus.


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