Medical masks for coronavirus sold at +6000% of their price

A fraud has been identified in Italy, where some companies sold medical masks for coronavirus at crazy prices. Over 30000 product confiscated by authorities.

BARI (ITALY) – Crazy prices of medical masks for coronavirus. + 6000% of their purchasing price. Sanitizing gels and wipes illegally sold as products with disinfectant action.

The Italian Guardia di Finanza of Bari carried out researches in dozens of companies operating in the province. The owners are accused of having speculated and cheated on the medical devices for the coronavirus emergency. In particular medical masks for coronavirus. Over 30 thousand of products withdrawn for a value of 220 thousand euros.

In this situation of emergency, medical devices for the healing of the patients in need are many. “Specifically – explain the investigators – it emerged that the sellers, in order to maximize their profit, had purchased maxi packs of masks and then put them into the market, after having repackaged them, in single transparent sachets”.

In other cases, the authorities identified sellers “who offered hand sanitizing gels and wipes by presenting them, with deceptive writings and symbols on the packaging as well as with advertising messages, such as products with disinfectant action”.

SOURCE: Il Fatto Quotidiano

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