New 5.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Turkey: fear and several evacuations

A serious earthquake hit again Turkey after only some days after the last heavy quake occurred at the end of January.

According to AFAD, the quake of 5.8 of magnitude has been verified at 7 km deep in the ground and also the capital city, Istanbul has been the victim of the quake.

Many palaces in the cities have been evacuated and people ran along the streets. Blackouts all over the region occurred and allegedly no one got hurt.

On the other hand, a tragedy occurred near Van, on Tuesday. A landslide caused 5 deaths and tens of injured. A second landslide crushed into the rescuers who were there to save injured and transport the victims. None of the rescuers lost life, but they got injured too.




Powerful earthquake in Turkey: over 20 deaths and hundreds of injured


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