New helicopter rescue service in Israel

A new helicopter rescue service is now operating in the Eilat region of Israel. The Road Safety Authority has activated this service to reduce the time it takes to arrive on the scene and transport seriously injured casualties of road traffic incidents. Being a popular tourist destination, the number of people in the area, including residents and holiday-makers, grows significantly during the holiday period, from 6th to 28th September, causing an inevitable string of road accidents.

The aircraft is on call at Eilat airport but helicopter response to emergency calls will be immediate only while the airport is open. However, after a positive trial, the aim is to extend the cover to 24 hours a day. The plan is to implement helicopter cover 24/7 by the end of 2013. Lahak Aviation will be supplying the helicopter, pilot, an on-board paramedic team and will also be taking care of aircraft maintenance. The service is expected to cost about 60,000 euro.

A spokesperson for the local authority reiterated the advances made in road safety and rescue operations, which are constantly becoming faster and more effective in the event of accidents. “Reducing the time it takes to carry out a rescue and to transport casualties to hospital – the spokesperson concluded – will lead to more lives being saved. Since the introduction of our helicopter rescue service, we have already noticed a net improvement in reaction and intervention times “.

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