Rebuilding Nepal after the earthquake of 2015

“Three years have passed since the earthquakes of April and May 2015 rattled Nepal to its very core. The country is well into the recovery and reconstruction phase today; while significant progress has been made in expediting private house reconstruction, a great deal remains to be done: hundreds of thousands are still living in makeshift shelters, battling food and water shortages, and struggling to earn a decent living.”

KEY RESULTS AT A GLANCE (April 2015 – April 2018)

  • 11,745 earthquake-affected enterprises re-established
  • 24,678 new Micro-Entreprenuers created and provided with technology support
  • 3,717 trained Micro-Entreprenuers successful in receiving loans from micro-finance institutions
  • 425 community infrastructures rehabilitated benefitting 35,648 households
  • 86,048 person days of direct employment generated through cash-for-work schemes
  • 3,467 private and 207 public buildings assessed and safely demolished
  • Reconstructed 10 health posts in Nuwakot District
  • 230 institutional solar lighting systems installed in public buildings, benefiting 165,900 households
  • Mobile human rights clinics pioneered in 11 affected districts, accessed by over 50,000 people—with more than 1,400 families receiving victim identity cards, relief, compensation and other services


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