Your hands can save more lives with the new guidelines

Your hands can save more lives with the new guidelines

On October 16th the European Resuscitation Council will promote an international campaign to show in any European State the new CPR Guidelines. The new CPR protocol is based on 3 simply steps:


Make sure it is safe to approach
Check for any response from the victim
Shout for help
Tilt head back. Lift chin and check breathing
If breathing is not normal, CPR is needed
Call 112 and state that there is a non breathing victim, CPR is started, your name and loction.
If someone has come to help ask them to go get an AED


Place the heel of one hand in the center of the chest
Place other hand on top and interlock fingers
Compress the chest to the rhythm of Stayin Alive until an AED or emerency services arrive
If you learned how to do it, provide 2 rescue breaths between every 30 compressions, otherwise pump the chest continuously
Push hard. Dont worry, you cannot do any harm
If possible, change CPR operator every 2 min


If an AED arrives, switch it on immediately and follow the instructions


Once the emerency services arrive, continue, until you are told to stop
Smile! Your hands could restart  heart and save  life
Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing
Well done!

You could promote the European Restart a Heart Day with the hashtag RESTARTAHEART or following the website


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