Men fertility – The solution can be found in the amino acids

Nowadays, a 30-year-old man has less than a half fertile spermatozoa than 50 years ago. Many scientists are sure that this phenomenon is caused by pollution and a poor diet.

However, universities all around the world have studied this matter for 25 years and verified that several amino acids, vitamins and microelements play an important role in the quality of spermatozoa. In 82% of the studies, it has been tested, that the assumption of amino acids and vitamins improves 60% the spermatozoa’s quality.

A good diet and the correct assumption of amino acids and vitamins is to take in consideration even if a couple is projecting artificial insemination.

The essential amino acids for spermatozoa development 

L-arginine is fundamental for the spermatozoa creation, indeed spermina and spermidina, the main components of sperm, are maid of L-arginine. Other amino acids which influence fertility are L-carnitine, L-cysteine and glutathion.


L-carnitine is another amino acid that carries fat acids inside spermatozoa to assure energy to reach the ovum. In average, the half of spermatozoa inside a man’s sperm has sufficient motility. However, if the ejaculated sperm contains a minor percentage of spermatozoa with normal motility (such as 32%) is the case of astenospermie. Studies demonstrated that men, who suffers astenospermie, can improve the motility of their spermatozoa assuming L-carnitine. An Italian study discovered that if L-carnitine is taken in 3.000 mg per day, spermatozoa’s mobility in the patient increased 75% (from 10,8% to 18,0%).

Cysteine and Glutathion

These two amino acids protect spermatozoa from oxidation. In particular, glutathion is a composition of three amino acids. It is one of the most efficient protector against free radicals. Cysteine is a provider of amino acids and is necessary for the production of glutathion. This is why many studies agree that a right quantity of glutathion in the blood improves men fertility. In order to improve the right values of glutathion, it is suggested the N acetil cisteina (NAC).

Another helpful element for fertility is the essence of pine’s cortex, which contains a high quantity of proanthocyanadins: they have anti-inflammatory properties and protect blood vessels helping spermatozoa during fecundation.

The L-arginine combined with essence of pine’s cortex can extremely increase its effect on body. In addition, the assumption of essence of pine’s cortex increases the presence of D vitamine which help the immune system and the absorption of calcium in the organism.

Studies affirmed that 25% of men who followed this therapy reached a normal spermiogram.

Other daily behaviour help men fertility:

  1. Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  2. Avoid some medicines
  3. Avoid to much heat
  4. Lose weight
  5. Eat fruit and vegetables



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