She proves the stroke with a selfie

Cbs reports that Stacey Yepes of Thornhill, Ontario, went to the emergency room after she felt numbness in her face and had trouble speaking. After tests doctors told her the symptoms were a result of stress. Three hours later she felt the numbness coming back. “I think it was just to show somebody, because I knew it was not stress related,” she said. “And I thought if I could show somebody what was happening, they would have a better understanding”.

“The sensation is happening again,” Yepes says in the video, posted to YouTube by Toronto’s University Health Network. “It’s all tingling on left side.”


“Strokes can affect people of any age even if they have few risk factors, so it’s very important to be aware and to know the signs of a stroke​.”Dr. Cheryl Jaigobin sad on Toronto’s University Health Network website. 

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